Hello. My name is Sarah, and this website is to help explain my background, expertise and passion for safe and ethical systems and processes, which have the flexibility and capacity to meet individual support needs.

  • I have fifteen years of experience¬†working directly with potentially vulnerable client groups and an understanding of the challenges they may encounter.
  • A background in digital health and ‘electronic patient health records’
  • An understanding of systems thinking and practice.
  • Knowledge of ethics and power relations within systems and processes.
  • A background in risk assessment, safety planning, safeguarding, collaborative and multi-agency working.
  • Expertise in working with people who have come into contact with services unexpectedly and are more likely to have a pre-contemplative mindset towards service engagement.
  • Experience of working in health and legal systems with a person-centred approach.
  • An understanding of the links between research, policy and practice.

My work falls into these main categories:

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